Spyglass Consulting Group offers products and services in customer
& market intelligence, strategic partnership development, product
marketing and investment due diligence.  Spyglass differentiates
itself through a unique combination of deep domain expertise in the
enterprise software and communications markets, significant
cross-functional operational experience and venture capital
investment experience.   

Partnership Strategy Development.  Spyglass can develop a
strategy that aligns your partnerships with your corporate business
objectives.  We work with senior management to assess the relative
importance of partnering to your business strategy, identify which
partnerships have been successful, and develop a plan to utilize
partnerships to expand existing market share or penetrate new

Customer & Market Intelligence.  Spyglass can identify and
explore new and emerging market opportunities that can maximize
the core value of your business and generate a higher ROI.  We
conduct in-depth market assessment studies providing fact-based
guidance that analyze market opportunities and risks, customer
requirements, and the competitive landscape.  Spyglass has deep
domain expertise and knowledge in mobile computing, wireless and
broadband technologies.

Core Competency Assessment.  Spyglass can assess the relative
strengths and weaknesses of your core offerings to better
understand how well your company is meeting the needs of your
customers and prospects.  We identify the value chain of all products
and services required to deliver a complete and compelling
end-to-end solution and then identify where the critical gaps exist.

Partnership Execution.  Spyglass can identify, evaluate, recruit
and manage revenue-oriented partnerships.  We develop
comprehensive go-to-market strategies to best leverage partnership
technologies, services and distribution channels.  We engage with
partner sales teams to drive new business opportunities.  We create
the appropriate cross-functional infrastructure within your
organization to support the selling efforts of your partners.

Investment Due Diligence.  Spyglass can assess attractive
investment opportunities to accelerate company growth and maximize
shareholder value.  We provide technical and business due diligence
support as an internal resource to senior management and as a
complement to outside advisors in executing technology-licensing,
joint ventures, M&A and divestment opportunities.

Spyglass uses a sales and customer-oriented approach to develop
realistic, actionable plans based on real data and good intuition.  
Pricing for client engagements are structured on a per-project or
retainer-based fees.  
Spyglass Consulting Group
Market Intelligence for Competitive Advantage