Customer Testimonials

Spyglass Consulting Group has provided the Cisco Healthcare Team
with excellent, in-depth market research and analysis that clearly maps
key healthcare related issues/trends to available mobile technologies
and solutions.  Spyglass has also been a key resource for Cisco’s
healthcare channel partners with educational sessions providing
partners with detailed and meaningful insights about healthcare
customer requirements.  Spyglass engagements with Cisco and Cisco
partners have been extremely professional and have provided excellent
value-add.  I strongly believe Spyglass’ research could be useful for
both healthcare provider organizations and solutions vendors targeting
the healthcare industry.   

Kacey Carpenter
Healthcare Solutions Marketing
Cisco Systems

Spyglass Consulting Group’s reports on technologies in healthcare
are an absolute necessity to anyone in this business. I have learnt a
terrific amount from his two reports, Trends in Remote Patient
Monitoring and Trends in RFID, and I refer to them constantly. The
information that is provided is sufficient and succinct to provide the
support for establishing our strategies. The reports are not a massive
collection of everything know about these topics, but rather a practical
collection of the most relevant information with important directions for
my group which is focusing on a new direction for Pfizer. These
documents are wonderful and practical resources.”

David Lester, PhD
Director, Pfizer Human Health Technologies.

Trends in RFID is an impressive and useful analysis of the current
state of RFID technologies and solutions in healthcare. Its value to me
and other hospital and health systems CIOs comes from the survey of
operating managers and its analysis of opportunities for specific
departments. Given our construction project and network infrastructure
upgrades, the timing of the report's publication could not be better.
Creative CIOs of leading organizations will gain many useful insights
from the report as they consider investments in RFID solutions targeted
to patient safety and operational quality improvements.

Walter Fahey, VP and CIO
Maimonides Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY

Mobile Computing for Physicians and Mobile Computing in
have become essential reference tools for the palmOne
healthcare team as we develop our product and partner strategy for
handhelds and smartphones. Because of the depth and breadth of the
research, we are able to find answers to questions about a broad range
of topics – from current and future usage patterns and preferences to
workplace realties inhibiting adoption. What is particularly refreshing is
the frank discussion of the gap between the panacea of e-health
initiatives and the challenging environment in which our healthcare
professionals must function today. I highly recommend their research
for those seeking a comprehensive environmental scan of mobile
technology usage among clinicians.

Gail Moody-Byrd
Director, Business And Healthcare Marketing

Trends in Mobile Computing is an excellent review. People of your
caliber should be recognized at national meetings for your valuable
contribution of legitimate end-user based  research, so we can all better
understand the market realities of mobile technology in healthcare.
Your findings are both encouraging to those trying to advance the
usage  of mobile technologies, and words of caution to those who
extrapolate or make assumptions solely based on anecdotal success

Andrew Barbash, MD
Bethesda, Maryland
Director of Mobile Health Programs
Medical Records Institute (Boston, MA)

Mobile Computing for Physicians provided the Microsoft TabletPC
Group with unique insights and perspectives to better understand how
physicians are using mobile computing solutions at the point of care
within wide variety healthcare settings.  As a result of this report, we
were able to better fine tune our value proposition and messaging
toward different constituencies within the healthcare community.  

Chris Barry, Group Product Manager
Windows Client PMG, Tablet PC Division

Trends in Mobile Computing is engaging, comprehensive and
thorough.  It provided us with valuable insights and perspectives on we
can effectively use mobile computing today to automate clinician
workflow and processes at the point of care.  I highly recommend this
report to health care organizations who are looking to make new
investments in clinical IT to improve the quality and safety of patient

Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS
Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery
University of Washington School of Medicine
Theodore S. Roberts Endowed Chair in Pediatric Neurological Surgery
The Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center
Seattle, WA

Trends in Mobile Computing provided us with an interesting early
view of an emerging market segment that we are sure will evolve to
become a significant component of healthcare industry.  The Spyglass
study provided us with provocative information that we are hoping can
be further developed with additional research studies as the market
continues to evolve.

Victor Camlek
Director, Market Intelligence
Thomson Scientific & Healthcare

Trends in Mobile Computing presents a broad view of the landscape
of mobile computing with the clear challenges that face anyone
seriously interested in moving into this terrain.  Whether you are a
medical group administrator, a hospital administrator, a health plan
leader or a vendor interested in working in this space this paper has
important perspectives you need to consider.  I particularly think the
way Gregg has defined the market segments is important for leaders in
understanding what strategic direction makes sense for their
organizations based upon their current realities – in physician segments
or strata or their current system orientation.

Michael Cropp, M.D. MBA
Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer
Independent Health
Buffalo, NY

I was shocked at how well this report accurately reflected what I see and
experience in healthcare informatics on a daily basis.  
Mr. Malkary has
managed to put his finger on the pulse of issues and concerns of
clinicians related to mobile computing and information based solutions.
This report should be required reading for all hospital IT managers,
administrators and anyone assisting hospitals and physicians with their
information management strategies.

Debbie Kelly, BSN, RNC
Clinical Informatics Coordinator
Olympic Medical Center
Port Angeles, WA

The burgeoning availability of mobile access devices and real life
implementation has become a daunting task. Health care professionals
and IT personnel need a timely and up to date study. Gregg Malkary
has produced this with his
Trends in Mobile Computing.  Healthcare
and HIS IT individuals entertaining adoption of anywhere anytime
access for mobile solutions to dissolve the boundaries between the
enterprise IT software and devices at the point of care will benefit from
reading Gregg's report. The evidence is timely, comprehensive and well
presented.  Not everyone can hear Gregg in person presenting the
data live, however accessing the data through his report will provide the
data necessary to make decisions that reflect access, HIS integration
and providing consistent high quality patient care.

Sylvia Suszka Hildebrandt, RN,BS,MN,CCNI
Editor PDA Cortex
Seattle, WA

Mobile medicine through clinicians' use of wireless networks and
handheld devices has emerged as a compelling application for
healthcare organizations who want to improve care while reducing
Gregg Malkary stands out among industry experts following
wireless in healthcare-- he's done extensive a priori research (talking to
mobile users and those who deploy WLANs; analyzed the results and
made worthwhile conclusions that will be of interest to HCOs
contemplating wireless rollouts as well as valuable to vendors targeting
health IT as a market.

Patrick Rafter
Vice President of Marketing
Bluesocket, Inc

Trends in Mobile Computing offers one of the best overviews of the
promises and pitfalls of mobile computing solutions for the healthcare
community.  It is useful for both vendors and providers; helping us plan
together to make the best of a promising technology.  It is well
researched and thoughtful.

Kevin Whelan
Director of Product Marketing, Mobile Solutions

Trends in Mobile Computing was well researched and well written. It
provided objective insights into the opportunities and challenges in this
marketplace based on detailed primary research with customers.  The
report helped me understand the real issues.

Brent Lang
Vice President of Marketing
Vocera Communications

Excellent market research study.  Trends in Mobile Computing
provided our team with actionable, objective and unbiased primary
market data that was extremely useful in helping us formulate our go to
market strategies for the healthcare industry.

Tom Racca
Vice President of Wireless Marketing
Siemens Communications

The market intelligence and insights yielded from Trends in Mobile
g was invaluable for Extreme Networks.  It provided us with a
clear understanding of the market opportunities, drivers and challenges
for mobile computing within the healthcare industry from a clinician
perspective.  As a result, we were able to focus our marketing and sales
efforts to achieve the greatest return on investment.

Glen Kosaka
Senior Director of Strategic Alliances
Extreme Networks

Spyglass Consulting Group is one of the few firms providing clients
with an in-depth understanding of the mobile healthcare market. We
have utilized data from their previous reports in our product design and
planning efforts. We found Spyglass' market analysis to be very

David Levin
Director of Marketing

As part of the ongoing development and marketing of our integrated
healthcare communication solutions, it is critical to understand the day
to day challenges faced by providers and specifically how wireless
technology enhances the overall patient care delivery process.  
in Mobile Computing
provided a very comprehensive review of both
current and future utilization trends.  Armed with the analysis provided
by the study, NEC can better define its WLAN positioning strategy as
well deliver very targeted training for our sales organization.

Lance Mehaffey
Manager, Product Marketing
NEC Unified Solutions, Inc.

Trends in Mobile Computing is an compelling market research study
backed by hard evidence that validates the true potential for mobile
solutions at the point of care.

William Scott Erdley, DNS, RN
Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY
Spyglass Consulting Group
Market Intelligence for Competitive Advantage